The following provides contact information for important Yavapai County offices:

Yavapai County Websitewww.yavapai.us

Yavapai County BOS Supervisor,District 4
Craig Brown
Email:  web.bos.district4@yavapai.us
Phone:  928 771-3200

Assessor’s Office
Judd Simmons, County Assessor
Email:  web.assessor@yavapai.us
Phone:  928 771-3220

Development Services
David Williams, Director
Email:  web.development.services@yavapai.us
Phone:  928 771-3214

Building & Safety
Customer Service & Permitting
Environmental Services

Septic Inspection Request Line:
928 771-3562
Permit Research Line:  928 771-3465
Email including Permit Research:

Elections & Voter Registration
Leslie Hoffman, Recorder
Lynn Constable, Elections Director
Lauren Custis, Registrar of Voters

Voter Registration 
Email:  web.voter.registration@yavapai.us
Phone:  928 771-3248

Election Services
Email:  web.election.services@yavapai.us
Phone:  928 771-3250

Facilities and Parks
Kenny Van Keuren, Director
Email:  web.facilities@yavapai.us
Phone:  928 771-3115

Flood Control
Lynn Whitman, Director
Email:  web.flood.control@yavapai.us
Phone:  928-771-3197
Flood Status Message Line:  928 771-3196

Public Works
Dan Cherry, Director
Email:  web.public.works@yavapai.us
Phone:  928 771-3183

The Yavapai County Public Works Department oversees the following Divisions:

Solid Waste
Emergency Management
Email: web.public.works@yavapai.us

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
Scott Mascher, Sheriff
David Rhodes, Chief Deputy
Lt. Tom Bolts, Northern Area Commander

Email:  web.sheriff@yavapai.us


Phone:  928 771-3260 (Non-emergency)
Northern Area Sub Station – Williamson Valley –
928 771-3277(non-emergency)