Williamson Valley News

Williamson Valley Road Safety Improvements – Phase 3B

The Williamson Valley Road Safety Improvements – Phase 3B project starts June 14, 2021.  This phase will implement a series of road safety improvements between McIntosh Drive and Bridle Path. and is expected to be completed by October 2021.  See the NEWS – Transportation Projects Page

WVCO Annual Meeting

The 2021 WVCO Annual Meeting was held using the Zoom On-line Meeting Application on February 23rd. In addition to the regular business meeting where an Annual Report was presented and the Board of Directors was elected, four mini-educational programs were presented.  The programs included: 1) A presentation by the President of the Citizens Water Advisory Group where he described CWAG and their purpose, 2) Life Line Ambulance describing their operations in Northern Arizona and explaining the specialized contract they offer to residents of Williamson Valley to help defer some of the expense when emergency medical services are required,  3) David Williams, Director of Yavapai County Development Services, describing the planned process for producing an updated County Comprehensive Plan, and 4) Supervisor Craig Brown discussing the County efforts to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for all residents and answering questions from the membership about County activities.  The meeting seemed to be appreciated by those able to attend.

County Community Planning

The County has announced that effort on updating the County Community Plan to meet the required 2022 revision requirement has started.  The Board of Supervisors has rescinded the action taken over 10 years ago to stop accepting formal planning documentation from individual communities and is now asking for involvement at the local level.  The first step will be for each interested community to participate in developing a Community Vision Statement with the assistance of the Development Services department.

Williamson Valley has been invited to participate in this project and the WVCO is planning on serving as an information clearing house for guidance and direction provided by the County.  It is anticipated that WVCO will provide coordination assistance to Valley residents and businesses Interested in participating.

Development Services scheduled a series of Webex-based on-line presentations and meetings to describe the intended process.  This could be one of the most important efforts residents and land owners can be involved in to determine the future direction of the Valley.

A Work Group has been organized to help make sure everyone interested is kept informed and given a chance to participate.  WVCO is supporting a special email Reflector allowing public discussion, and is holding Zoom-based meetings in support of this effort.  A special section of the Williamson Valley Website will be dedicated to the planning project.

Everyone interested in participating is requested to send an email to Planning@WilliamsonValley.org providing your contact information.

Please contact your neighbors and make sure they are aware of this effort.  Encourage them to get involved.  Membership in WVCO is not a requirement


Stringfield Proposed Development

The level of community interest in this proposed project has been minimal and the WVCO Board has agreed to not take a position at this time.

The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors approved the Zoning Change Request which would allow the developer to propose a Planning Area Development which is currently described as 340 residential units. There are stipulations attached to the approval which require authorization to access the land over what is currently State Trust Land, and provisions for water and sewer utilities to be provided by the City of Prescott.

The developer received approval from the County to form a Water Improvement District to manage the water and sewer services. Although little public information is available, it appears that in January of 2021 the City of Prescott negotiated an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with a new Water Improvement District.  It is reported that the State Trust Lands Trustee has agree to provide an access and utilities easement across the land that they were unwilling to sell to the developer.

The level of local area interest in this development continues to be very low and WVCO has received no indication of adjacent area resident concerns.  The major outstanding concern appears to be the failure to consider possible flood control issues resulting from the development of this property. The County has assured local residents that a complete flood control study will be performed when the developer applies for the Planned Area Development.