The Williamson Valley Community Organization owes its existence to a long history of caring residents who have actively worked to preserve and protect the community they love.

As early as the 1980s community groups have formed to influence the direction of growth and development in the area, and preserve the natural beauty and history of this jewel of Yavapai County.

In the 1990s Williamson Valley Concerned Citizens was formed so residents could have a voice about the location, size and scope of commercial development, as well as have input into large residential development of ranch lands. Concerns about water were also paramount. WVCC was an active group until 2006.

Williamson Valley Residents for Responsible Growth took up some of the same issues as WVCC, but also focused on the proposed widening of Williamson Valley Road. Friends of Williamson Valley formed around the same time and filed a lawsuit against the Board of Supervisors when they refused to work with residents to come up with alternatives to the road widening plan proposed by Supervisor Carol Springer.

Believing that a community plan was the answer, the Williamson Valley Community Plan committee was organized and many hours were spent creating a comprehensive community plan for Williamson Valley. The plan, based in part on several surveys of community residents, was begun in 2005 and submitted to the county in 2009.. However, the county supervisors decided to stop using community plans around this time and the plan was never implemented.

Friends of Williamson Valley merged with WVCP in 2007 to form the Williamson Valley Community Organization. The WVCO, with a mission to preserve the rural, residential lifestyle and scenic values of the community, has continued to monitor actions by elected county officials and appointees that impact the residents of Williamson Valley, using the community plan that was approved by an overwhelming majority as one of its guidelines. WVCO has become both an information resource for our citizens and a watchdog, keeping an eye on government and private industry for the good of the community.

Where is the Williamson Valley Community?

Some of you may wonder what or where is the Williamson Valley(WV) Community. The WV Community is united by Williamson Valley Road from its intersection with Iron Springs Road at the south end to Campwood Road at the north end. All communities or homes that access Williamson Valley Road are considered part of the WV Community. The map below shows this area.